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All About Me Journal Series~ Video 6 What is your favorite party or holiday memory?

Welcome to day 6 of the All About Me Journal Series. today’s challenge is: Writing Challenge: Document one of your favorite birthdays or holiday events, either as a child or adult. Creative Challenge: Create a party page. Add color, glitter, crepe paper ribbon… make a party in your journal!

Thanks for playing along, Rebecca

All About Me~ Journal Series Video 5: What’s your favorite Food and Snacks?

Hello Friends! Welcome back to the next video in the “All About Me” Journal Series! Today’s challenges are: Writing Challenge: Let’s talk about your favorite meals, snacks, and beverages. Make a list in your journal. Creative Challenge: Use pictures or food wrappers to document your favorite snacks and food. If you have a receipt from the last restaurant you ate at, paste it here. Can’t wait to see what your favorites are?? Are there any pizza lovers out there?

Super sparkly, Rebecca

All About Me Journal Series~ Video 3 What are your Dreams?

Welcome Back to Video three in the “All About Me” Journal Series. Today’s prompts are: Tuesday, July 26, 2022: Writing Challenge: Be a Dreamer: What does your future self dream about? Travel? Creative adventures? Creative Challenge: Make a page of what you are dreaming about. Use magazines, prints off line, etc Thanks for watching, Rebecca

Introduction: “All About Me” Journal Series

Hello and Welcome to the introduction and itinerary to the “All about Me” Journal series. You can print out the itinerary below. I mention a supply list and it is basically, your stash! Paper, paint, pom pom’s, glue, glitter, pipe cleaners… you get the idea!! This is a project to be creative and have fun! Bring out your inner child! No rules, just play!

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