Monthly Archives: December 2023

Mrs. Claus “Fun and Frugal” Paper Pen Craft

Hello Owlettes, Recently I went to a craft fair in a quaint little town close to me and was happy to find a Journal craft table. She had these fun little handmade pens you could slip into your journal/ planner that are pens but made using paper. I thought they were so fun and cute, so here is a quick video of how to make them. P.S. Printable from Thanks for watching! Rebecca

Creative December Journal- December 1st and 2nd

Hello Owlettes! Today’s video is a Journal with me for documenting December Days 1 and 2. My daughter and I went to a fun small-town Christmas market over the weekend and I found a journal vendor and bought some beautiful items. I mention her in this video, she can be found on TikTok at LGOMA5

Thank you Friends and hope our days are filled with Sugarplums and Sparkles! Rebecca

Mrs. Claus “Fun and Frugal” Christmas Wand

Hello Owlettes, Happy December 1st! We must start off the month with a whimsical wand. One of my favorite quotes is “Christmas waves a magic wand over this world and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful” -Norman Vincent Peale. In today’s video, we will be creating a wand to match YOU! I am thinking of Mrs. Claus and am making mine using a velvet poinsettia with lots of sparkle and lace! Anything goes!!

Let the Magic begin, Rebecca

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