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Creating a Vision Board~ Step 3: Adding Final Touches

So excited to complete my vision board and it’s hung on the wall above my art desk. I hope you are inspired and make a vision board for yourself. I absolutely love the process.

Here is the final set up in my art room!

Happy New Year!! Rebecca

Creating a Vision Board~ Step 2~ Adding Images of Inspiration and Goals

Hello, again Friends! We are back with the second video in Building and creating a vision board. In this video, I am adding magazine clippings, printables, postcards, etc to add inspiration and goals to by vision board. This is such a fun step, you really begin to see your board take shape.

As mentioned in video:

Gingerbread Week: Day One~ Gingerbread Wreath

Hello friends and welcome to the first video for Gingerbread Week. Today I have made a funky Gingerbread Wreath. I’m loving this style wreath. I was inspired by the IG account HANDMADEBYMINZER. Be sure to check out her site for more inspiration. Thanks for watching, Rebecca

Altered Composition Book~ Sewing Random Pages to create a Junk Journal

I am assembling my journal for November and December, I am adding book pages from the Little Golden Book I will be using for Christmas and different pretty cardstock paper. I mentioned the book binding kit I purchased ( ) but I just saw for a few dollars more, you could get multiple colored waxed twine here ( ) Creative Christmas Kits sold here:

Thanks for watching! Rebecca

Step 4~ Watercolor backgrounds in your Junk Journals

This is a short and simple video to show how I add watercolor backgrounds to my junk journals. I talk about the different paints and paintbrush I use. I hope this video is helpful in you are looking to add a bit of color and crinkliness to your journal pages!

Summer Vacation Journal: I need a bigger Journal

Hello! I have missed you, it was a whirlwind month of June! I had the most amazing trip to DC and NY and took A LOT of photos…so many that I need a new journal! I have been watching different ways to create bigger journals using signatures. I wanted to keep the notebook I had created originally for the trip. Here is an interesting video of that process. Book binding idea came from Johanna’s video here

CWR~Crafty Christmas Pajama Party: Creative Tags

Hello and welcome to the last video for the Christmas Crafty Pajama Party! I hope everyone had fun and got their creativity going for the holidays! Sorry my computer and internet was in granny gear and didn’t process the videos faster, but we got them done. Thank you so much for watching!

CWR Crafty Christmas Pajama Party~ Paper Ornament Wreath

Hello! Welcome to another video in the Crafty Christmas Pajama Party. This project is definitely something that reminds me of being in elementary again, so bring your inner child to play with paper, glue and doo dads.

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