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Creating a Vision Board~ Step 3: Adding Final Touches

So excited to complete my vision board and it’s hung on the wall above my art desk. I hope you are inspired and make a vision board for yourself. I absolutely love the process.

Here is the final set up in my art room!

Happy New Year!! Rebecca

Creating a Vision Board~ Step 2~ Adding Images of Inspiration and Goals

Hello, again Friends! We are back with the second video in Building and creating a vision board. In this video, I am adding magazine clippings, printables, postcards, etc to add inspiration and goals to by vision board. This is such a fun step, you really begin to see your board take shape.

As mentioned in video:

Building a Vision Board~ Background: Step One

Hello Friends! Happy New Year’s EVE! In this video I am working on step one, building a background for my Vision Board. Sorry for the top of my Bedhead shots lol… I moved my camera up to get the full picture and see the top of my head wanted to be included in the film. I’m working on the next video and hope to have it posted soon!

Creative Journal Set-up for January 2023~ Starting a New Altered Composition Book

I love starting a new journal in a New Year! In this video I am setting up my January 2023 Altered Composition Book. Let the Memory Making begin!!

Find January Monthly 2023 Stickers here:

Introduction~ Creating a Vison Board

Hello Friends and welcome to the introduction to creating and building a vision board! In this video, I talk about the supplies needed and how to get started. This will be a video series, and I will be posting the steps over the next couple of days. Here is the supply list and printable:

Journal with me~ Documenting Gingerbread Week in my Creative Daily Journal

Hello friends! Welcome back to another video where I work on last week’s decorations and photos. I had fun for Gingerbread week and I hope you did too! Hope the upcoming week is full of happiness and sparkles! Rebecca

Gingerbread Week: Video 6~Gingerbread History Journal Page

Hello Friends! Welcome back to another video for Gingerbread Week. I recently came across a couple of very interesting articles about the History of Gingerbread, so I wanted to create a page in my journal with some FUN FACTS about Gingerbread.

Information taken from these two articles:

Thank you for watching!

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