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Journal with Me~ A Skunk Story

Hello Owlette Friends!! I hope everyone is getting ready for a wonderful Easter. It’s been a week and an interesting one. I had to share this journal story involving Poky and a Skunk! Thank you for watching and stay sparkly!! Rebecca

Journal with me~ Creative Junk Journal and CWR Kit update

Hello friends! Today’s video is a journal with me and playing in my Creative Daily Junk Journal. I’m also talking about next year’s CWR kit update.

Selphy Printer: Wax seals can be found here: Metal bottle cap Charms found here

Thank you for watching! Rebecca

Christmas Journal Prep with Pretty Papers

My Christmas Journal is coming along, this next step is prepping with pretty papers. I feel like with such a busy season the more organized and prepped I am, the more successful I will be completing my December Journal. In this Video I am adding all the pretty papers!

Journal with Me~ Butterfly Tip-In

Hello Friends and welcome to a quick video on how I tip-in this butterfly that is originally meant for decorating the lawn. This is a plastic butterfly that comes on a thin metal rod. The wings are extra floppy to blow in the wind. I had used them for the Camp Wonderland event I put on last year. I used them on this arch (see below). I was getting ready to throw them away and realized..”Hey I can add them to my journal, and I love it” See below for a video I created showing how simple the process is.

August Creative Journal Set Up 2022

Hello and Hello August!!! In today’s video I am setting up for the month of August! Starting to crave the Fall Vibes! Bring on all the Sunflowers. I have also created a printable on my blog if you would like to print out the “Rules of a Creator’s Life”

All About Me~ Journal Series Video 5: What’s your favorite Food and Snacks?

Hello Friends! Welcome back to the next video in the “All About Me” Journal Series! Today’s challenges are: Writing Challenge: Let’s talk about your favorite meals, snacks, and beverages. Make a list in your journal. Creative Challenge: Use pictures or food wrappers to document your favorite snacks and food. If you have a receipt from the last restaurant you ate at, paste it here. Can’t wait to see what your favorites are?? Are there any pizza lovers out there?

Super sparkly, Rebecca

All About Me Journal Series~ Video 4 What are you listening to?

Welcome back to Video 4 in the “All About Me” Journal Series. Today’s video is about what are you listening to? I’m documenting the creatives I listen to on Patreon and Youtube.

Writing Challenge: What are you listening to? Make a list of your favorite podcasts, music, and creatives. Creative Challenge: Stamp it out. Create a page using stamps… be creative and use material, cardstock, layers, and inks.

Thank you for watching and creating along with me!

All About Me Journal Series~ Video 3 What are your Dreams?

Welcome Back to Video three in the “All About Me” Journal Series. Today’s prompts are: Tuesday, July 26, 2022: Writing Challenge: Be a Dreamer: What does your future self dream about? Travel? Creative adventures? Creative Challenge: Make a page of what you are dreaming about. Use magazines, prints off line, etc Thanks for watching, Rebecca

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