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Winnie the Pooh Week Prompt Ideas-April 2024

Hello Owlette Friends, I have had this idea in my head for a while and I’ve finally sat down and made it happen! I love Winnie the Pooh and from the sales of the Winnie the Pooh CWR (Create with Rebecca) Kits, you all love him too. I think the 100 Acres friends are full of friendship, love and kindness! I had the idea of crating a Winnie the Pooh week, little prompts to celebrate POOH and Friends! I have created a printout and plan to create video throughput the week using the prompts as a guide! Print your prompts out here:

Mrs. Claus “Fun and Frugal” Crafty Printables

Hello Owlettes! Below are the printables for the upcoming Mrs. Claus Crafty Video Series! More details coming soon!!

Anne of Green Gables “Katie’s World Journal Camp” Creating a Summer Divider

Hello Kindred Spirits! Welcome back to another video in the Anne of Green Gable’s Katie’s World Camp! Today we are making our Summer Divider. Over the next few days, we will be celebrating summer and adding bits to our journals. Please do not fret if you are behind in the series, remember this is to have fun and create a magical journal for you to reference in years to come. So it will always be a work in progress!

Stay Sparkly, Rebecca

Anne of Green Gable’s Katie’s World “Movie Night” Coloring Sheet

Hello Kindred Spirits! Tonight is Movie Night at Camp Katie’s World? What will you be watching? I went to Goodwill and found a couple of movies that I am excited to see. The first is “What Katy Did” it actually has Megan Follows in the movie and it says :In the Tradition of Green Gables” How perfect right? I have created a coloring sheet for the event! Let’s have fun!!

Anne of Green Gables~ “Katie’s World Journal Camp” Nametag and Magical Wand

Hello Kindred Spirits! Welcome to the official start of “Katie’s World Journal Camp” This will be a month of all things Anne of Green Gables and I am so excited you are here. In today’s video we are kicking off with making a our nametag and magical wand. Here is the printable with several different hand painted images you can use for your nametag.

Be sure to use hashtag #cwrkatiesworld in your Instagram posts!

Easter Spring Journal Series Video 3~Journal Set-up

Welcome back to the 3rd video in the Easter/ Spring Journal Series. In this video I am selecting pretty papers to add to my Easter/ Spring Junk Journal. As mentioned in the video, the printable can be printed here:

Step 10~ The Wonderful World of adding printables to your Creative Junk Journal (Free Printables included)

Welcome back to the next and final video of steps to making a junk journal. Today we are talking about printables!!! The wonderful world of a win win where you can support local artists and have amazing pictures in your journals! I have added a couple of fall themed printables for you (see below):

Also as I mentioned here are some of the printables and artist I support on Patreon:

Love Lynn’s Life:

Pocket Journal Pam:

Courtney Diaz:

Abbey Sy:


Not mentioned but use: CraftyMe with Kelly Bangs and Paula G

Girlfriends Around the World Journal Series~England

Hello Friends and Welcome back to another Girlfriends around the World video. If you are new to my channel WELCOME! This video series is traveling the world (virtually) and learning about different women around the world who love journaling, art, and other creativeness! Today we are heading over to England, but we will be traveling by boat and stopping by Jane Austen’s house museum. Thanks for watching!

Printables are below.

Girlfriends around the World Journal Series, Yellowknife Canada

Hello and welcome back to another video in the Girlfriends around the World Series!! We are visiting Yellowknife, Canada, the Capitol of the Northwestern Territories. Wow oh Wow!! So happy to have researched Yellowknife and THANK YOU Cathy Reid for introducing me to such a beautiful place! I hope you all have fun learning and meeting a new friend.

Mentioned in the video:

Love Lynn’s Life Washi

Aurora Village

Girlfriends around the World Journal Series~ Quebec City, Canada

Welcome back to another “Girlfriends around the World Journal Series” Today we are visiting the beautiful Quebec City, Canada. I have interviewed, Julie known as ‘ThePaperPilgram” on IG. Please go and check out her beautiful journal pages. I was drawn to her journal style because of her art or writing. Here are the printables for our “virtual trip”

I did want to give a acknowledgment to the following for what to eat while I am in Quebec City:

Travel Bliss Now Quebec Foods to Try

11 Traditional Quebec Foods:

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