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Wash Day Printable

A few weeks ago I took a photo of these adorable handmade vintage Barbie Doll dresses I picked up at Trade Days in Warrenton, Texas a while back. They are so sweet with their hand stitched hems. I thought they would make an adorable banner, gift tags or journal ephemera. I definitely wanted to share with you, so I painted a wash tub and rubber ducks and made a WASH DAY printable. Ta Da! Now go hang your troubles out to dry!

Please tag me in your projects, i would love to see how you are using these adorable dresses!

Creative Junk Journaling-Adding Frosting aka Fun Accessories

Hello and welcome back to the final video for the Creative Junk Journaling Series. Please note, I will be having many more videos showing different ways that I Junk Journal, but this video completes this series! I hope you have been inspired and wanted to create something fun for your planner or journal. In this video I am jazzing up my Traveler’s Notebook with all things shiny and bright. I have moved into my Strawberry Shortcake TN for my Birthday Month and wanted to add my favorite FROSTING!

Traveler’s Notebook from JennifulCreations on Etsy; Charms from Preppy Planner Cat on Etsy

Thanks for watching and see you in my next video!

June 2020 Newsletter

Live in the Sunshine, swim in the sea, drink in the wild air~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Hello and welcome to the vert first “Creative Hoots” Newsletter! I am so excited about starting a Inspiring, Creative, and Fun publication. My thought process is to share projects and ideas I am working on; tips and tricks; what is inspiring me and offer printables for you to enjoy too! I feel this newsletter will be continuously evolving and hope you enjoy the ride with me!

Here we are in June with all the feelings of summer along with Father’s Day and my birthday month! Here in Texas, we have already had almost temperatures in the 90’s. The beginning of summer is all grins and carefree days but as we approach the end of July it becomes unbearably hot, dry and just plain miserable and I’m waiting for cooler days.

I recently joined a art club from Tricia Robinson called the God Made Girl Club and I am loving it. She talked about giving yourself permission to be YOU! So I have decided it is time to add color EVERYWHERE! Projects I haven’t painted, I’m going to paint and things I have been too ‘scared’ to paint, I’m going to paint. I’m so excited to have my colorful light shine.

My Permission Slip

First Colorful project I have completed is adding color to the front porch, I purchased these fun pin wheels from Hobby Lobby. Painted the pots with Ocean Blue Chalk Paint and spray painted the white river rocks, pink, yellow and blue.

Painted pots with Pinwheels!

I’m in progress of finishing up this train case painted in candy colors. I’ll be having a video series soon on steps on how to paint your own.

Hand Painted Train Case

Summertime Nostalgia~ New Video Series will be coming this month. Starting on June 8-June 14, 2020. I think being at home so much over this quarantine time and finding a box full of childhood photos has made me remember how fun and carefree past Summers were. Here is the schedule:

Nostalgic Summer Memory Guide

June 15th’s CWR Kit~ Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Do you remember the homemade popsicles that you could make with Koolaid? Another Nostalgic memory. I painted an assortment of popsicles with watercolor and acrylic paints to use however you like. I made a banner using beads for the coffee bar

and a fun little banner for my planner

As part of this Newsletter, I wanted to have a section where i show a tip or a favorite thing I am loving at the moment. Right Now I am LOVING these Prima Watercolors “The Classics” The colors are so vibrant and they have a PINK! Perfect!

Thanks for stopping in on the very first Creative Hoots Newsletter! Be sure to mark your calendars for next weeks’ Summer Nostalgic Documentation! XO, Rebecca

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