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Creative December Journal- December 1st and 2nd

Hello Owlettes! Today’s video is a Journal with me for documenting December Days 1 and 2. My daughter and I went to a fun small-town Christmas market over the weekend and I found a journal vendor and bought some beautiful items. I mention her in this video, she can be found on TikTok at LGOMA5

Thank you Friends and hope our days are filled with Sugarplums and Sparkles! Rebecca

Mrs. Claus “Fun and Frugal” Christmas Wand

Hello Owlettes, Happy December 1st! We must start off the month with a whimsical wand. One of my favorite quotes is “Christmas waves a magic wand over this world and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful” -Norman Vincent Peale. In today’s video, we will be creating a wand to match YOU! I am thinking of Mrs. Claus and am making mine using a velvet poinsettia with lots of sparkle and lace! Anything goes!!

Let the Magic begin, Rebecca

Mrs. Claus Fun and Frugal~ Funky Junky Christmas Tassel

Hello Owlettes~ I hope everyone is doing well! In today’s video I am making a funky junky Christmas Tassel for my December Journal and adding festiveness to my bag I like to carry my Christmas cards and Journal in. We need to add all the extras for the most wonderful time of the year!!

Stay Extra Sparkly, Rebecca Contact me: IG: Rebeccahoot FB: RebeccaHoot Thanks for watching, Rebecca

Mrs. Claus “Fun and Frugal” Crafty Printables

Hello Owlettes! Below are the printables for the upcoming Mrs. Claus Crafty Video Series! More details coming soon!!

Mrs. Claus “Fun and Frugal” Crafty Video Series Intro

Good Owlettes, I hope everyone is going wonderful!! I am going to be starting a video series with a theme around Mrs. Claus “fun and Frugal” Christmas with journaling and crafty projects. If you are new welcome! This video series is open to everyone and I hope you will join in on the fun. I hope to have a creative packet to go along with the series out soon! So excited to make this a very merry season! Stay Sparkly friends!

Junk Journal November Calendar

Hello Owlettes! I’ve been wanting to make a funky junky calendar in my creative daily journal for a while. I was recently inspired by a post on instagram by Paper Pippi. Go check out her IG..Amazing.

Thanks for watching my Kindred Spirits! Stay Sparkly! Rebecca

Grateful Heart Funky Junky Tag Journal~ Video 2

Hello Owlettes! I hope everyone is doing well and finding much Gratitude this month. I am enjoying this month, really embracing the moments instead of rushing from one holiday to the next. AND I have to say this ring is turning out so whimsical of sweet! Thanks for watching friends and see you soon!!

Stay Sparkly, Rebecca

Grateful Heart- Intro Funky Junky Journal Tag

Hello Owlettes! Happy November 1st!! I want to use this month to focus on gratitude. I plan to use last month’s “Grateful Heart” CWR Kit to create a Funky Junky Journal Tag, where I plan to document my gratitude from day to day! In this video, I am assembling the tag and prepping for the month! I hop you play along too! Stay Sparkly and grateful, Rebecca

Creative Hoots~ Grateful Heart Kit and Upcoming Journal Series

Hello Owlette, I hope everyone is doing well! I am happy to be back and back in the swing of things from my trip to New England. It was AMAZING and I feel truly inspired! A new leaf has been turned, I have had a refresher and can’t wait to get started! As I mentioned in this video, I will be doing a series throughout the month of November and showing gratitude, so so many things I am grateful for. Also I do have a few kits still in the shop, you can find them here. Looking forward to seeing you all again soon! Stay Sparkly, Rebecca

October 2023~ Creative Daily Journal Set-up

Hello Owelettes, In today’s video, I’m setting up my creative daily journal for October. The month of September has flown by but I have hopes to get things documented. Although, it already feels great to have my beginning pages done. Thanks for watching and stay sparkly, Rebecca

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