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Journal with Me~ Nancy Drew Tea January 25, 2023

Hello My Owlettes, In today’s video, I am putting together a [age from this past weekend when my daughter and I had a little tea to plan out the upcoming Nancy Drew Retreat. I also talk about the retreat in this video, in case you were wondering what the HOOT is it? ๐Ÿ™‚

As mentioned in this video, I purchased the Nancy Drew Themed Printables here:

Thanks for watching! Rebecca

My Fairy Tale Quote Journal~ Session 2

Hello Owlettes!! True Confession, the last time I did a video on “My Fairy Tale” Junk Journal was two years ago!! I am so happy to have found it and have added new quotes in this video. Here is the first video I made in 2020:

Thanks for watching!! Stay Sparkly! Rebecca

January 2023~ One Little Word: Recreate

Hello Owelettes, In this video I am showing my journal set up for my One Little Word! I have signed up for Ali Edward’s One Little Word Workshop. Each month a new prompt is available to help keep your word in your mind and heart.

Here is a link below to her workshop.

Thanks for watching! Rebecca

A Very Chatty Journal with Me~ January 2023

Hello Friends and welcome to the first Journal with Me video of 2023. I have to say I am quite a bit chatty in this video, blame in on the coffee ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m playing in my Creative Daily Journal, getting the first of the year documented. I’m using my BBG January Stickers for the dates and numbers.

Can be found here:

As mentioned in the video: Calico Collage: Avery Glue Sticks: Enchanted Book Club: Susan Branch: Favorite Book:

2023 Planner & Journal Chat

Hello Friends! In today’s video I am chatting about the planner and journals I plan to use in 2023.

As mentioned in the video:

Adding additional Pages within your Altered Composition Junk Journal:

Book Journal set up:

One line a Day Journals on Amazon:

Thank you for watching!! Rebecca

Creative Journal Set-up for January 2023~ Starting a New Altered Composition Book

I love starting a new journal in a New Year! In this video I am setting up my January 2023 Altered Composition Book. Let the Memory Making begin!!

Find January Monthly 2023 Stickers here:

Journal with me~ Documenting Gingerbread Week in my Creative Daily Journal

Hello friends! Welcome back to another video where I work on last week’s decorations and photos. I had fun for Gingerbread week and I hope you did too! Hope the upcoming week is full of happiness and sparkles! Rebecca

Introduction for Gingerbread Week of FUN!!

Hello Friends!! Ready for a week of Gingerbread inspiration! I’ll be making yummy sweets, special drinks, crafts, and journaling using all things Gingerbread!! I hope you will join in on the fun!! Over the weekend I picked up a few things to help, I’ll be showing you them in this video! Thanks for watching! Stay Sweet and Sparkly, Rebecca

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