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Wizard of Oz Camp~ Scarecrow Junk Journal Page

Hello Campers, It’s the Scarecrow time to shine! One of the prompts in The Wizard of Oz Camp is to create a scarecrow page in your Junk Journal. I took bit from the book and the movie to create these pages! So FUN!!

Here are a few additional Pictures from my Wizard of Oz Junk Journal:

I mention the Hay Stacks Recipe, you can find it here: https://www.lanascooking.com/haystacks/

Thanks for Watching! Rebecca

Journal with Me~ Where’s Waldo Weekend

Hello Owlettes!! Interrupting Wizard of Oz Camp to work in my creative daily journal, here we are approaching mid-month and I am so behind. I’m just having too much fun in the Land of Oz. My daughter and I made a trip to Brenham, Texas that ended up in a Where’s Waldo adventure. Always looking for an adventure! Stay Sparkly! Rebecca

Wizard of Oz Camp ~ Filling up my Junk Journal

Hello Campers~ Filling up my Wizard of Oz Junk Journal is SOOO fun! In this video, I have used bits from the Wizard of Oz Kit and shopped my stash which makes me feel happy!! I mentioned the Wizard of Oz diecuts from Amazon, you can find them here: https://amzn.to/46cAi2d I hope you are having fun at camp!!

Stay Sparkly, Rebecca

Wizard of Oz Camp- Gathering Supplies Video 3

Hello Campers!!

Welcome back or if you are new welcome to Camp Wizard of Oz! Today we are gathering supplies for the upcoming journal play! I mention a couple of things in this video for collecting supplies and creating a Camp Box: You can find the videos below: Creating a Camping Trunk” https://youtu.be/fFb9W0_4QnU?si=2eEvhev785kNdIAE Printable by My Porch Prints: https://www.etsy.com/listing/1158233123/junk-journal-kit-wizard-of-oz-wicked

Have fun Gathering Supplies, see you in the next video! Rebecca

Wizard of Oz Camp-Friendship Pins- Video 2

Hello Campers! Welcome to the Wizard of Oz Friendship Pin Video!! Do you remember swapping friendship pins in the 80’s or heard of friendship pins? Well, since the Wizard of Oz is based not only finding your inner strength but also creating friendships along the Yellow Brick Road. If you are interested in participating in a friendship pin swap, I have set up a Google form to sign up! So we are going to do the same, we are going to make friends as we go through the Yellow Brick Road of Camp. I plan to set up groupings of 3, we will exchange a friendship pin with 3 other friends! The last day to sign up is July 5, 2024, and emails of your swap partners will be emailed on Monday, July 8, 2024.

Happy Friendship Pin Swapping, Rebecca

Here is the link to fill out the form to sign up: https://forms.gle/qiavqWQdag3rCL4PA

Wizard of Oz Camp Introduction ~ Video 1

Hello Campers, Welcome to the first day of Wizard of Oz Camp! Today, is just brief video to make an introduction and talk about what is the come as we enter into the Land of Oz! Let’s get started by making our nametag for our journal! So happy you are here!

Stay Sparkly, Rebecca

July 2024- Creative Daily Journal Set-up

Hello Owlettes,

Welcome back to another video, setting up my creative daily journal for the month of July! We are in the dog days of summer, so I am going to continue to fill my journal up with creativity ad positivity! I’ve heard of cabin fever in winter for up north, is there a cabin fever for summer? Although I will eb creating a stand alone journal for the Wizard of Oz Camp I will continue to create in my daily journal as well, capturing the day to day. So excited to start Camp tomorrow. As mentioned in the video, you can find the printable here:https://www.rebeccahoot.com/2024/06/rebecca-hoot-camp-wizard-of-oz-printables/

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