Paint with Me~ Halloween Junk Journal Cover

Hello! A continuation from my last video, I am painting the cover of my Halloween Junk Journal! I am currently taking a class by Mindy Lacefield called Happy Haunts. So fun to create something different then what I typically paint. This is a beginning to end video of me painting the cover to a personal size planner. I am using it as a Halloween Junk Journal! So grab your coffee/ tea and paintbrushes and let’s create!

Halloween Junk Journal set up

Hello and Welcome back to my Channel! In this video I am putting together a Halloween Themed Junk journal. I have gathered papers and fun ephemera and will be filling it up with all things cute and spooky. I am taking a Happy Haunts class by Mindy Lacefield so I plan on filling my journal with the artwork I create in her class! Come along and let’s get spooky!!! I am using a personal size ring bound binder to fill up with all the things!

Halloween Junk Journal Video

September 2020 Newsletter

Quote of the Month~ There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as if everything is. ~ Albert Einstein

September Art and Journal Entry

Let’s Dance!! It’s beginning the most wonderful time of the year! I want to enjoy every bit of the seasons to come. I think we can all agree 2020 has just been an extremely weird year, but I am putting on my rose colored glasses and pulling out the autumn leaves and ready to start decorating for fall. I also plan to add a bit of Halloween in the mix. Typically this time of the year I am so busy making product for shows, I don’t stop and smell the Pumpkin Spice long enough to enjoy the season. This year it is going to be different. The Pandemic has really helped me focus and slow down a bit. I am painting more which is my most favorite thing to do. I am so grateful for the time of rediscovering my passion and to PLAY!

The September CWR stationery/planner/journal kit is “Cozy Autumn Days” I will be using the new Simple Stories ” Cozy Days” line to curate a perfect autumn kit! What do you think of when you think of Cozy? Here is a few illustrations of what I think of, this is a printable and can be use in your journal/ planner or notebook.

Also, one of my Favorites Autumn things to make is PUMPKIN COOKIES! Oh yes, these are like little pumpkin bread cakes. I will be making a batch soon to send to my little sister, these are are favorite too! I had to share the recipe with you, see below for the recipe.

This month I will be taking another Mindy Lacefield’s art class, called Happy Haunts…so excited. I really enjoyed her Mystic Unicorn School class. I will be makinga junk journal binder for all things Halloween (video coming soon). I also signed up for a course called Fearless Art by Shawna Clingerman. I’m really excited and hoping to learn to take that leap of complete faith and focus on what my next stepping stone as an Artist.

SAVE THE DATE: November 7-14th, 2020. I will have a new video series in the works for Christmas! It’s going to be a “Creative Christmas” Series filled with Journaling, Christmas projects and Fun! There will be a few live videos on Facebook as well.

Well that is a wrap for this month’s Newsletter! Let me end with another Favorite Thing!

Who remembers these colorful pencils from when you were a kid? When you write the lead changes colors. I used them in the Mystic Unicorn School and on some of my journaling pages. They are so fun! Brings out the inner child!

Thanks for stopping by! Happy September!

Nostalgic School Day’s Memory Video 7~ When I Grow Up

Welcome to Video 7 in the Nostalgic School Day memory documentation. Today we are documenting about “What did you want to be when you grow up? I’m writing a letter to my older self from my younger self. I created an envelope for my letter like I use to in elementary. As I mention in the video, I will be coming back to do a final flip thought and add bits here and there.

Nostalgic School Day’s Memory Video 6~ Programs and Plays and a FUN Questionnaire

Welcome back to Video 6 in the Nostalgic School Day memory documentation. Today we are documenting Program and Plays and documenting a fun “All about You” page. Do you remember a play or program you were in? What did you enjoy about it? Did you dress up? What do you remember about your costume? Below I have created a “all about you” I created a questionnaire to color and fill out to add to your journal about you when you were younger. pick any age and document it! Time to Color!

Nostalgic School Day’s Memory Video 5~ Favorite Teacher

Welcome back to Video 5 in the Nostalgic School Day memory documentation. Today we are documenting Your Favorite Teacher! Who was your favorite teacher? What grade? What was their name? What did you love about them? Or maybe you have a least favorite teacher? Tell the story why you did or didn’t like them. Let’s document it! I created an library envelope and filled with colorful library cards, one for each teacher. Then I wrote a memory about each one. Also sketched out a small map of my old playground! Now let’s play!!

Nostalgic School Day’s Memory Video 4~ Favorite Subject

Welcome back to Video 4 in the Nostalgic School Day memory documentation. Today we are documenting Your Favorite Subject! Did you like school? What was your FAVORITE SUBJECT? Is there something you learned that you absolutely loved and still remember today? Let’s document it! In this video I’m also taking you back to kindergarten and making a rainbow from a paper plate. Oh my gosh so fun and carefree. Hope you are inspired to get your paints out, get a little messy and have fun creating!

Nostalgic School Day’s Memory Video Three~ Transportation

Welcome back to Video Tree in the Nostalgic School Day memory documentation. Today we are documenting Transportation! Did you ride the school bus or the city bus to school? Did you walk or your parents drive you? Here is where you will tell a “Transportation” story. Below you will find a printable bus/car school template. Paint yours either of color of the vehicle you were transported in. I was a school bus rider and my story is about how kids aren’t always nice and like to pick on others (me). Keep in mind, not all the stories you document need to be rainbows and butterflies there are thunderstorms that will are part of your story too. I hope you are inspired to tell your story and have fun creating!

Nostalgic School Day’s Memory Video Two~ Lunch Time

Welcome back to Video two in the Nostalgic School Day memory documentation. Today we are documenting LUNCH TIME! Who remembers what they ate for lunch? Did you take a lunchbox or buy from the school? Below you will find a printable of a lunchbox, school milk shape and words. I the video below I will be making a small booklet to add to my lunchbox to tell a few stories along with what I took for lunch and what my parents took for lunch. Have fun creating!

Nostalgic School Day’s Memory Video One~ School Supplies

Hello and welcome to the first video in the documenting Nostalgic School Days Memories. In today video we are talking about school supplies. Did you have a favorite school supplies? Was there something you loved or disliked about school supplies? Do you have a story that involves school supplies? We are also decorating out school pencil boxes! Have fun!

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