May 2021 Newsletter

Hello there May! I know I am a little late in posting my Newsletter but I have been down the rabbit hole in Wonderland! Camp Wonderland was truly AMAZING! I will be having a blog post to tell you all about it! So let’s jump into this month! I am currently participating in a month long creative adventure called “Fairytale Getaway” hosted by Pink Crafty Cottage and The Fairtyale Club. One of the things I realized if I do not have a whole lot of Disney ephemera with Mickey and Minnie Mouse. So I am using my imagination and the printables provided to add to my journal. I also signed up for Mindy Lacefield’s year long course called Illustrated Flair. Its the study and art of Disney’s artist Mary Blair so I’m excited to start painting!

Calendar of events from The Fairytale Getaway

Before I jump into the May Kit’s, GUESS WHAT I am celebrating this month?!! My 5th Year anniversary of offering CWR journal Kits. FIVE YEARS!!! Wow Time has flown! If my calculations are correct, that would be a total of 60 different Kit sets and that is an approximate number because I know a couple of times I offered two different styles in a month I am just so excited, and to celebrate I will be doing a few GIVEAWAYS! So watch my Instagram and Facebook pages! Also, I have created a printable with the Art Girl from the first ever kit I offered. It was the “Down by the Sea’ mermaid with blonde hair. You can print your printable here.

If you have been watching social media you will already know the theme for this month’s CWR Journal kit and Sticker Club. The monthly kit is “A Slice of Summer” Lots of Watermelon in this kit! This kit is available May 15th at 7:00am CST!

The CWR Sticker club is “At the Beach” Yes it’s the time of the year for all things Summer! If you are interested in signing up for the monthly sticker club, check out the shop and sign up!

Last but most certainly not least, I am going to be documenting the Week in the Life along with Ali Edwards and many other memory keepers. This is one of my favorite yearly activities! I will be documenting in the Happy Planner…oh did I not tell you? Yes I bought a Happy Planner to do my Memory Keeping. I have a video in the works to talk ALL about it! So stay tuned!

Before I close out the newsletter, Let’s talk FAVORITE THINGS! This month my Favorite Supplies is:

I know these Distress Paints from Tim Holtz are no longer available but I was fortunate enough to have received happy mail from Pink Craft Cottage and she sent them to me! I LOVE using these as backgrounds in my journal!

Hope everyone has a VERY HAPPY MAY! XO, Rebecca

April 2021 Newsletter

Hello April! Times seems to be flying by and I hope you are having FUN! March came and went in a whirlwind and here we are approaching another busy month. I am in full swing in preparing for CAMP WONDERLAND! My daughter has to reign me in because as a creative person my mind is always thinking of something new to create. I need to focus on getting my to do list done first. I can’t help it, I’m a creative person and want to do all the things!! First up, I created a quick video to show my April Introduction page in my creative journal. Taking a different approach and narrowing down it down to two pages instead of four..

So lets talk what is in store for April in the CWR World! Let me introduce you to the star of the Upcoming CWR Journal Kit… She has a green thumb and she all things green and leafy bring her joy… Plant Lady!

Taking a leap out of the atrium and into the magical forest, the CWR Sticker club stickers are all about a Magical Forest where there is fairies, bears, deer and foxes… all in party hats..oh my!

Also for the month of April, I will be participating in Ali Edward’s photo adventure: This starts on Monday, April 5th. I did this last year and it will be something I will add to my daily journal.

And a Virtual Stamping Good Time with Craft Destinations and Kelly Bangs Creative

I will also be joining many of my friends and family in the 100 Days of Prayer. My book should be arriving today and I plan to purchase Kelly Bang’s Printables when they become available on April 5, 2021. It’s going to be a busy beginning of the month!

Before I close, I always like to share something with you so you can get creative. I have used this adorable Paper Doll in my journals and have asked to share the image, so here you go! I have included lots of Spring outfits for her to wear too!

Closing with my current Favorite Thing is this zipper Pouch from Natural Life products. This quote spoke to me!

Thanks for stopping in and I hope you have a super sparkly month!

February / March 2021 Creative Journal Flip Through

So excited to have a flip though of one of the journals I have completed for 2021. This journal covers the month of February and the first of March. I am really LOVING using the altered composition book as my journal. It gives me LOTS of space to add stickers, ephemera and of course journaling.

I hope you are inspired and enjoy the glimpse in my journals! Thanks for watching.

Journal Your Story-JOURNAL WITH ME~ Pure Happiness

Hello and welcome back To Another Journal Your Story Video, Today’s prompt is “Pure Happiness” I am getting close to the end of the prompts that were in the “Journal Your Story” Kit..NOT to Worry I plan to have more Journal Your Story/ Journal with Me prompts. Here is another close up of the paper glasses used as a interactive page. I also included a note to myself, where a set goals/ dreams.

Here is the video of my process:

Journal with Me~ journal your story: and Away We Go

Hello and welcome back to another Journal Your Story entry. Today’s Prompt is “and Away we Go” I am still using the journal cards by Vicki Boutin from the ‘Journal Your Story” CWR Kit. In this video I am closing out the month of February with the last entry of the month. This weekend we spent a Girl’s weekend planning out “Camp Wonderland” I have been hoarding Alice book pages from a Little Golden Book to use throughout the planning and the actual event. I hope you enjoy the video and are inspired to create!!

Thanks for watching, Rebecca

March 2021 Creative Journal Intro Page

March 2021 BBG (Big Brave Girl) Sticker

Hello and Hello to March! In this video I am creating the introduction page in my Creative Daily Journal for the month. I didn’t quite use up my journal for February so continuing with March! Hope you are inspired to create!

March 2021 Newsletter

Hello March! Hello Spring! Hello More Fun! Let’s see, what is happening this month: A Spring Tea with the Bees Knee’s Banner; Ms. Imagination CWR kit; Camp Wonderland Planning; Setting Goals; and Dollhouse Dreams.

This coming Saturday, March 6, 2021 at 2pm CST. I will be having a live virtual Tea Party. I had created a poll asking if you would prefer a live tea through Instagram or a Zoom meeting. The final answer was really 50/50. This month I will be having another virtual through Instagram BUT have made plans to do a zoom meeting in the upcoming months. YES… I’m thinking this would be something fun to do each month. This month we will be creating a “Bees Knees Banner”, I plan on printing mine at 50% so I can add a banner into my journal. Here is the free printable:

The First of every month is the introduction of the CWR Journal Kit. This months’s kit is all about rainbows, bunnies and your imagination! Let me introduce the star of the kit “Ms. Imagination” This girl came from this fun little art piece.

Be sure to mark you calendar, for March 15th at 7:00 am CST for the release of the “Ms. Imagination” CWR Kit Release.

This past weekend we had a Girl’s weekend with my mom, sister and Brazos and we are FULL throttle planning out Camp Wonderland! My friend Paula over at Crafty Destinations is working out all the details while I get to plan all the creative FUN! I believe there are two more Daytime Spots available.

As I was working in my journal this last month I realized I haven’t written down monthly goals in almost a year. I think it started with the Pandemic. I use to set yearly goals and break them down into monthly goals. I realized I had goals and dreams in my head but actually haven’t written them down or the steps to make them happen! So I will be working on goal setting this month. Stay tuned for more ideas and thoughts on how I like to make this a visual activity.

One of the goals I am working on is our Dream Cottage Dollhouse. I think the best way to achieve decorating it is to start with one room. So it’s the Bathroom. I will be having a more detailed blog post on the renovation of Dream Cottage, but yes starting small in one space helps me wrap my head around making a decision for each room.

And Last but most definitely not least, I haven’t been sharing my Favorite Things in my Newsletter. I recently just purchased Modge Podge Sparkle and I have to say… it’s my new favorite journaling and art supply!

Thanks for stopping in and hope you have a FABULOUS March!!

XO, Rebecca

Creative Journal: Valentine Collage Page and 50 Random Facts about Me

Hello! I recently watched a video on You Tube from my creative friend, Journal with Dolly, and she did a 50 Facts about Me. I really enjoyed learning about her and thought it would be fun to create a video as well. I literally sat down and just wrote out 50 random facts. I created a video creating a collage in my journal using some of the Valentine cards and ephemera I received it the mail. I enjoyed the carefree process, hope you guys enjoy it too!

Thanks for Watching! Rebecca

Creative Journal Your Story~ “Bon Voyage”

Welcome back to another Journal Your Story~ Prompt Bon Voyage. Using this prompt to say Good Bye to January and onto the next adventure, the month of February. HA! I am planning to continue the “Journal Your Story” entries once I use all the Vicki Boutin Journal Card prompts. What do you think? I have really enjoyed stepping outside my comfort zone and documenting stories from the past, present and future.

Thanks for watching, Rebecca

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