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Journal with Me~ Cake, Pigs and Weekend Fun

Hello Owlettes, In this video, I am journaling about our weekend at the Junior livestock show. We had a full day of all the fun! I’m getting created in this video using paper by Asuka Studio, Enjoy the Ride. I recently purchased it at the Scrapbook Expo. Large floral diecut from Hobby Lobby and polka dot candy bag from Dollar Tree. Stay Sparkly Friends, Rebecca

New Journal Cover~ Creative Funky Fiber Journal Cover

Hello Owlettes, I am moving into my next creative Daily Journal and decides to make funky journal cover using fibers! I was inspired by Megan over on Instagram at Creative Happy Handmade (Link below) I also wanted to incorporate an art piece so I made a copy of “Bluebonnet Love” on “Canvas Paper” This was soooo fun to make!!

Easter / Spring Journal Series~ Video 9 Creative Tags

Hello Owlettes, I hope everyone is doing wonderful!! In today’s video, I am making cluster tags to use as embellishments. These are great for using up bits and bobs of your supplies. I forgot to mention in the video but the tags I am using I dyed with food coloring. The pink was the best!

Thanks for watching and stay sparkly! Rebecca

Easter/ Spring Journal Series~ Video 8~ Adding Fluff and Fibers to your Journal

Hello Owlettes and Welcome back to another video in the Easter/ Spring Series/ Today we are fluffing up our journals with fibers… ribbon, yarn, material, and pom poms! I have to admit this is when journals really start taking on their own personality!! I hope you enjoy the video!! Thanks for being here and playing along with creating!

Stay Sparkly, Rebecca

Easter / Spring Journal Series~ Video 6 Create an Introduction Page

Hello, Owlettes!! I hope everyone is having a great week so far! In today’s video, I am creating an introduction page for my Easter/ Spring Journal. Love using scans of vintage finds in my journal, how about you? I am sharing some cute vintage handmade Barbie dresses I found several years back while Junkin! The printable mentioned is here:

Easter/ Spring Journal Series~ Video 5 ~ Little Golden Book Assembly

Hello Friends and welcome back to another video in the Easter/ Spring Journal Series. We are putting our Journal together. I’ve added all the pretty papers and now I am going to sew it up! Keep in mind, this is just one option in assembling your journal. You can always use a composition book or book rings to bind it together! Just remember to have fun! Happy Journaling! Rebecca

Easter Spring Journal Series Video 4~Pockets and Tucks

Welcome Back Owlettes! Next step in the Eater/ Spring journal making, creating tucks and folders. Super Simple and Fun and great for adding extra space for journaling! In the next Video we will be assembling! Stay Sparkly, Rebecca

Easter Spring Journal Series Video 3~Journal Set-up

Welcome back to the 3rd video in the Easter/ Spring Journal Series. In this video I am selecting pretty papers to add to my Easter/ Spring Junk Journal. As mentioned in the video, the printable can be printed here:

November 2022 ~ Daily Junk Journal Flip -through

Hello Owlettes~ I am so excited to bring you a flip through of my Daily Creative Junk Journal. In this journal, I fill it with the day to day events. Some mundane and some super sparkly!! I hope to continue the process of showing you the final flip-through.

Mentioned in the videos: Calico Collage- https://www.etsy.com/shop/calicocollage

Patreon: Courtney Diaz Pocket Journal Pam

Stamperia Scrapbook Pages: https://amzn.to/3XFXSOG

Thanks for watching!! Stay Sparkly, Rebecca

February 2023~ Creative Journal Set-up

Hello Owlette friends, In today’s video, I’m setting up my creative daily journal for February!

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Happy Journaling! Rebecca Hoot

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