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Daily Creative Journal- January Catch-Up

Hello Owlettes~ How can this be the end of January! One of my goals for 2024 is to keep up the WRITING in my creative daily journal. When I get behind on documenting, what I have found that works for me is to create in steps. So I am creating corners with dates and printing pictures, the next step is writing, then finishing off with markers, stickers and FUN!

Mentioned in the video: Courtney Diaz Pocket Journal Pam

Thanks for Watching, Rebecca

DIY Valentine Sparkle Wand

Hello Owlettes, I hope you are all doing well! I am in a full-blown Valentine mood!! Bring on all the pinks , reds, and hearts! I think this could be one of my favorite holidays!! In today’s video, we are making wands! We will be making these at the “Play All Day” event I’m having in a couple of weeks! For the wands I used clear plastic Christmas Ornaments. I have seen these all over Instagram and they work for any occasion.. Christmas, Halloween, Birthday…endless possibilities. The clear ornaments, we picked up over Christmas, but the straws I used for the handles can be purchased on Amazon:

Have fun making these!! Stay Sparkly, Rebecca

Fairytale Journal~ Documenting a A Red Letter Day

Hello Owlettes! Playing in my fairytale journal and documenting a “Red Letter Day’ we had during this winter storm. I first heard of a Red Letter Day when I read Susan Branch’s Book. I explain more in the video.

Thanks for watching and stay Sparkly, Rebecca

Crafty Fun~ DIY Cozy Coasters

Hello Owlettes, I hope everyone is doing well. In today’s video, I am making cute little DIY Coasters for your drinks. I have to tell you the rub-on stickers I am using for this project are the cutest and so vibrant in color! If you received the “Stay Cozy” Kit is came with a plain coast and a sheet of stickers.

Thanks for watching! I hope you are inspired to create!! Stay Sparkly, Rebecca

Creative Daily Junk Journal~ January 3-4, 2024

Hello Owelettes! Welcome back to another chatty Creative Daily journal video! In this video, I do talk about the new LIVE cam I have discovered on YouTube at one of my FAVORITE Covered Bridges in Waitsfield, Vermont.

Here is the link to view the covered bridge:

I hope you love it as much as I do! Stay Sparkly, Rebecca

Commonplace Journal- One Little Word 2024

Hello Owlettes, Happy January 3, 2024! How has your New Year started out? I hope it has been everything you have dreamed. I am actually feeling quite calm in the sense that I’m starting slow, not really by choice since I have been sick, but now I am embracing the slow start. I am working on completing tasks when I start them. My worst trait is to start too many things before moving to something else. Not this year, I am working hard to romanticize and enjoy each moment.

Stay Sparkly, Rebecca

January 2024 Creative Daily Junk Journal

Hello Owlettes, Happy New Year!! I love new beginnings and I am ready for 2024, I want to live each day to the fullest!! As a journaler, that means making my journal a everyday habit and confidant. I plan to change things up a bit and January is the perfect time to get cozy and curl up with a hot cup of coffee or tea, markers, pen, ephemera stickers, and my journal! Sounds wonderful doesn’t it? In today’s video I am setting up my journal for January using a new Winter wonderland Printable and the large BBG Girl Sticker Sheets! You Can find them in my shop here:

Thank you for watching!! Stay Sparkly! Rebecca

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