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Anne of Green Gables ” Katie’s World Journal Camp” Creating a Winter Divider and Adding Sparkles

Hello Kindred Spirits! We are moving into the Winter in our Katie’s World Journal Camp…Although it’s a bit tough to think about colder days with it being 100 degrees outside. BUT we are in Katie’s World and anything is possible! I am also adding sparkles to my journal! Have fun and I am so glad you are here! Stay Sparkly, Rebecca

Anne of Green Gables “Katie’s World Journal Camp~ Creating an Puffy Charm

Hello Kindred Spirits! Welcome to the Puffiest of Puffs video. Today at Katie’s World Camp we are making a “Puffed Charm” from felt and beads! These will soon become one of your favorite accessories to add to your journals! I went to my stash and pulled some light colors for a shabby chic look. I also showed some beautiful printables from the following shop! Wow, they are the prettiest! https://www.etsy.com/listing/1496516259/anna-dai-capelli-rossi-kit-scrapbooking

Thank you for watching! Rebecca

Anne of Green Gables “Katie’s World Camp” Making a Pocket using a Handkerchief

Hello My Kindred Spirits, I hope everyone is doing WONDERFUL! This is a fun project to add to your journal. I love Handkerchiefs! They are so pretty and dainty and remind me of my grandpa and great-aunt. You can find lots of styles on Amazon, I have purchased these in the past https://amzn.to/3rE0pyL Have fun creating my sweet friends! Rebecca

Anne of Green Gables “Katie’s World Journal Camp” Creating a Summer Divider

Hello Kindred Spirits! Welcome back to another video in the Anne of Green Gable’s Katie’s World Camp! Today we are making our Summer Divider. Over the next few days, we will be celebrating summer and adding bits to our journals. Please do not fret if you are behind in the series, remember this is to have fun and create a magical journal for you to reference in years to come. So it will always be a work in progress!

Stay Sparkly, Rebecca

Anne of Green Gable’s Katie’s World “Movie Night” Coloring Sheet

Hello Kindred Spirits! Tonight is Movie Night at Camp Katie’s World? What will you be watching? I went to Goodwill and found a couple of movies that I am excited to see. The first is “What Katy Did” it actually has Megan Follows in the movie and it says :In the Tradition of Green Gables” How perfect right? I have created a coloring sheet for the event! Let’s have fun!!

Anne of Green Gables~ “Katie’s World” Fill up our Journals

Hello Kindred Spirits! Now we are ready to fill up our amazing journals! This process is so fun because anything can go into your journal! I’ve added papers, envelopes, a popcorn bag, and ephemera. Of course, we will be adding more as we have fun at CAMP! Have FUN!!! Staying super Sparkly, Rebecca

Anne of Green Gables Journal Cover~ Katie’s World Camp

Hello Kindred Spirits! I hope you are having a delightful day! In today’s video, we are coving our journals. I am using a 6 ring planner binder and using layers to decorate my cover. I started with a base of Gesso, then a napkin, acrylic paint and used Modge Podge to cover. Such a fun process! I can’t wait to see what you create! Mentioned in video: Decoupage: Aleenes-collage-pauge

Have fun!! Rebecca

Anne of Green Gables~ “Katie’s World Journal Camp” Nametag and Magical Wand

Hello Kindred Spirits! Welcome to the official start of “Katie’s World Journal Camp” This will be a month of all things Anne of Green Gables and I am so excited you are here. In today’s video we are kicking off with making a our nametag and magical wand. Here is the printable with several different hand painted images you can use for your nametag.

Be sure to use hashtag #cwrkatiesworld in your Instagram posts!

Anne of Green Gables “Katie’s World Button Exchange”

Hello Kindred Spirits!

Welcome to Katie’s World Button Exchange! Many girls in the late 1800 and early 1900’s collected buttons to add to their “Charm Strings” as were sometimes called. Some collected buttons simply because they enjoyed the wide variety of materials, colors, shapes and designs. Others had a specific goal in mind-they tried to collect one thousand buttons on their string, for they believed they would then meet the person they would marry. (insert taken from The Anne of Green Gables Treasury by Carolyn Strom Collins and Christina Wyss Eriksson)

So we are going to do the same, I plan to set up groupings of 5, so you will exchange a button with 4 other kindred spirits! Last day to sign up is July 6, 2023 and emails of your swap partners will be emailed on Friday, July 7, 2021. We will be doing a button craft to conclude camp on July 29th! Happy Button Swapping. Here is the link to fill out the form to sign up! https://forms.gle/HVg2vF28bUYeFQHr6

Anne of Green Gables “Katie’s World Camp” What to Expect?!

Hello Kindred Spirits! I am so happy you are here. I hope you are ready for a month full of all things “Anne of Green Gables” I have a printable supply list and calendar available on my blog here:

Tomorrow there will be a button exchange sign up! I love this idea..details in this video!

Stay Sparkly, Rebecca

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