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Creating a Vision Board~ Step 2~ Adding Images of Inspiration and Goals

Hello, again Friends! We are back with the second video in Building and creating a vision board. In this video, I am adding magazine clippings, printables, postcards, etc to add inspiration and goals to by vision board. This is such a fun step, you really begin to see your board take shape.

As mentioned in video: https://www.youtube.com/@theunexpectedgypsy

Building a Vision Board~ Background: Step One

Hello Friends! Happy New Year’s EVE! In this video I am working on step one, building a background for my Vision Board. Sorry for the top of my Bedhead shots lol… I moved my camera up to get the full picture and see the top of my head wanted to be included in the film. I’m working on the next video and hope to have it posted soon!

Creating a Dream Journal using Katie Daisy Workbook~Video 1

I have fallen in love with the new Katie Daisy “How to be a Wildflower” book and the workbook that goes along with it. I mentioned a couple of weeks ago at the Pajama Party that I wanted to start a new dream journal. almost as a LIFE vision board. Well… the workbook is perfect with it’s illustrations and travel ideas…so I decided it would be perfect. BUT then I wanted room to add other things..life my LOVE for coffee and learning to be a Barista, and some the obsession with A-Frame homes. I took one of the Old Better Homes and Gardens Cookbooks and repurposed it into my journal. Here is the video of that process!!

Thanks for watching!

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