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Creative Dream Journal~Journal with me: Latest Obsession

A couple of weeks ago I created a “Creative Dream Journal” from an old Better Homes and Garden binder cookbook. (The idea came from the Rebookery on YouTube) I wanted a large journal I can add photos, paint, ephemera about things I am dreaming about. I have created a box to be add items in as I get them to add whenever i’m creating in this journal. In today’s video I’m documenting my latest OBSESSION: A Frame Homes, Coffee and of course Autumn. It’s so fun to layer and add just all then ephemera! Thanks for watching!!

Creating a Dream Journal using Katie Daisy Workbook~Video 1

I have fallen in love with the new Katie Daisy “How to be a Wildflower” book and the workbook that goes along with it. I mentioned a couple of weeks ago at the Pajama Party that I wanted to start a new dream journal. almost as a LIFE vision board. Well… the workbook is perfect with it’s illustrations and travel ideas…so I decided it would be perfect. BUT then I wanted room to add other things..life my LOVE for coffee and learning to be a Barista, and some the obsession with A-Frame homes. I took one of the Old Better Homes and Gardens Cookbooks and repurposed it into my journal. Here is the video of that process!!

Thanks for watching!

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