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Pack with Me~ Journaling on the Go

Hello, Owlettes!! A little different video today, I recently was out of town and created this video before I left to show what I like to pack for a mini trip..BUT NEVER EVER leave home without journal supplies 🙂 I found the sparkle glitter caboodle-type carrier recently at Ross and put it to good use! I hope you enjoy the video!! Stay Sparkly, Rebecca

February 2021- Journal Set Up

Oh My Goodness!! Can it be February already?? I have to admit I always get pretty excited about starting a new journal. It’s like a fresh start. I’m looking forward to filling the beginning pages with all thing romantic, pink, and lovely because it’s the month of LOVE! Is this video I talk about how I set up the cover and first couple of pages in my February Journal!

Happy Beginnings! Rebecca

Journal Supplies on the Go

Hello! It’s been a while since I posted a video mainly due to being sick almost the whole month of January and February is just flying by! I recently spent the weekend at my parents hours to celebrate their 50th Anniversary and posted a photo of my journal supplies on instagram. There was a request to create a video to show the supplies I travel with, believe me when I tell you I use to bring the kitchen sink! I have learned to minimize especially for trips that I may or may not get a chance to be creative. If I was to go on a crafting weekend, I probably would still carry the kitchen sink lol!
Thanks for watching!

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