Nostalgic Summer Memories~ Video 2: Documenting using Sight

Hello and welcome back to Nostalgic Summer memories using your senses. Today’s video is about Documenting using the sense Sight. I have created a fold out map of a place we use to go as a kid for picnics, camping and Sunday fun. It was fun remembering all the little things, like the swimming hole and large picnic table for all the family. Hope you are inspired to create using your sense of Sight.

1 thoughts on “Nostalgic Summer Memories~ Video 2: Documenting using Sight

  1. Deborah P says:

    I’m late to the party, and just now enjoying your videos. I LOVE your map and am thinking about what I might do about my summer memories growing up on the farm. Not sure when I’ll actually get to it since I’m at the office during the week and taking care of my father on the weekends, but someday I will definitely do it. I love this idea of documenting memories through the senses. Thanks for the inspiration!

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