Summer Journaling Week 6~ Let’s Play

Welcome back to the final video of the Summer Journaling Series! My first thought was to create a video demonstrating how to make journal cards with different themes and then I thought why don’t I just play!? In this video I’m just playing with different ways I love to personalize my journal. I hope you are inspired to create, play and fun in your journal!

Thanks for watching!


2 thoughts on “Summer Journaling Week 6~ Let’s Play

  1. zoe Dones says:

    Im so excited I just ordered your August kit for the first time. I’ve been planning and mapping out my days and my goals for about a year and half now with a travelers notebook. but never memory keeping. Im not sure my life is that exciting! im not a very good writer or good with words. can you give me some ideas or tips where to start. or a video to look back on. Im a daycare provider and care for my handicapped 80year old mom , my time is limited. but Im so inspired by the memory keeping books.

    • Rebecca says:

      Hello Zoe!

      First of all thank you so much for ordering the August Kit! I hope you are enjoying it! My first tip to give you is to make this fun and not a chore. I have been memory keeping for YEARS!!! I have added a lot of pressure on myself to try to write everyday and that is just not possible sometimes. I know you understand because you are a caregiver. What I have found that works for me it to allow myself about 15 minutes or so in the evening to decorate my pages and then I will write later. Words come best for me in the morning. I hope this helps some! I hope to be putting together a video series in the new year called 15 minute journaling. I’ll be posting more on my blog in December! Thanks again for your response and I do hope you are having fun with the kit!

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