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Anne of Green Gables “Katie’s World Journal Camp” Final Flip Through and Tea

Hello Kindred Spirits, In today’s video, we are having a little tea and a final flip through of the Anne of Green Gable’s “Katie’s World Journal Camp” Thank you to everyone who participated in the camp, if you are watching this for the first time, this series will be up on YouTube to re-watch! Also, I mention in the video this book, I know it has been around for a while it is called “Anne of Green Gables Treasury by Carolyn Strom Collins and Christina Wyss Eriksson. Check out Amazon and other online bookstores. Thanks for watching, Rebecca

Anne of Green Gables~ Katie’s World Journal Camp “Button Exchange Crafty Project”

Hello Kindred Spirits! I hope everyone is doing wonderful I am sorry I am needing to postpone the tea for the final video in the Katie’s World Journal Camp. My dad has been sick and in the hospital. He was discharged late yesterday and is on the way to recovery. I am spending the weekend with them. Thanks for understanding. Today’s video is using buttons I received in the “Button Exchange” for our Camp, also I received all sorts of ephemera and goodies and can’t wait to add them to my Journal.

I think it would be so lovely to sit and have tea and have a final flip-through of the completed journal, I will keep you posted on the date. Thank you for watching! I am so grateful for each of you! Stay Sparkly, Rebecca

Anne of Green Gables “Katie’s World Journal Camp” Chalkboard Slate Craft

Hello Kindred Spirits! Welcome back to another video in Katie’s World Journal Camp. Since we are in the Fall- Back to School season of camp we are making a Chalkboard Slate. To me, this is one of the bigger stories of Anne of Green Gables, when the whacks Gilbert Blythe on the head with hers because he called her Carrots. She holds a grunge against Gilbert through most of her childhood but I think it made her want to work hard in her studies to “Beat Him” at everything! I hope you love the video my sweet friends! Rebecca

Anne of Green Gable’s “Katie’s World Camp” Let’s Make a Pinwheel

Hello my Kindred Spirits! I am so glad you are here!! Today we are making cute little Pinwheels!! I mention in the video how I have conquered my fear and made one and now I want to make all the Pinwheels! So, Let’s PLAY!!! Thanks for watching, Rebecca

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