Creative Junk Journaling~ Video 8: Paint

Hello and welcome to video number 8… the wonderful glorious PAINT!! I have to say using paint in my journals is one of my favorite techniques! In this video I paint a girl for the current times…staying home.

I always love creating different images, no two are ever the same. I hope you are inspired to paint too!

Happy Journaling! Rebecca

2 thoughts on “Creative Junk Journaling~ Video 8: Paint

  1. Nancy J. Broeker says:

    Rebecca, I am enjoying your videos….but you need to figure out how to do your “outlining” so that we can see exactly what you are doing. We cannot see through your hand and it is very frustrating to watch. Aside from this, I am getting some great ideas for my own junk journals and am encouraged to keep at it. Also love your sparkly girls.

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