When in Doubt Bloom~ Planner Setup

This has been the one of those weeks where the unexpected sickness hits your house and your the one who is sick. I started feeling bad Saturday night, but I figured after the AWESOME fun time I had at the ATX Planner Addicts Mini Retreat, it was to be expected. Then the sore throat came, followed by congestion and followed by the worst headache of all time. When sleeping sixteen hours in a day doesn’t help, it was time to go to the doctor. After having to wear a mask, while I wait to see the doctor, due to the fact the flu is going around I find out I have a Sinus Infection. There is hope and antibiotics and setting up my planner this week in blooms to make a girl feel much better!
Something about the upcoming month of March just makes me think of blooms and GREEN! I love this Recollection Planner from Michaels, the color is so FUN! I selected a handmade tag using mixed media techniques and a vintage girl I cut from an old dress pattern for the dashboard.
 I also added several clips I acquired from the SWAP at the retreat. This week, is full of stickers from Echo Park paper Company and Crafty Conny. I think it looks so happy!
Thanks for stopping in! Rebecca


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