Back from Beach Vacation

Who would have known a beach vacation could take so much out of a person..whew! I’ve been back but have been managing or let’s say the sunburn has been managing my life. Three hours in the HOT Texas Sun, at the beach is brutal to a person that may not spend time in the sun EVER! I use to LLOOVVVEEEE the beach and the sun but realized a few years ago the sun caused me to have skin issues so I don’t spend too much time in it anymore. I’m slowly starting to feel like my old self again! I have so many new and exciting things happening over here is Rebecca Land, please stay tuned. I want to take you with me on this adventure. I hope to have more videos coming your way, but before the week begins I want to show you a glimpse into my beach trip.

The house we stayed in was a beach rental and it is absolutely gorgeous! I can see myself going back year after year. There was so many fabulous details to make it feel like you are at the beach. I absolutely loved it.

While we were there we went for walks, saw dolphins swim, and played at the beach.

We put our toes in the sand

Journaled on the deck, while the salt air blew our hair

Saw some amazing art at the Rockport Art Festival

Had a great time, so thankful we made the trip. I’m currently working on a Memory Junque Journal for the trip and will make a flip through video when it’s done.
Thanks for stopping by, Rebecca

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