A Day in A life ~June 2017

Hello! It’s time for another adventure in documenting a Day in A Life, a follow along course by Ali Edwards. I plan on following the same process as I did last year which is documenting in my Happy Planner memory book. Last year it worked out well and it fits right into the daily documentation. You can view the video here. I also purchased the journaling cards and stamp from Ali Edwards and am really excited about using them.

A few other things I’m doing to prepare for Tuesday:
*Charging the batteries to the Camera
*Making Up a carry along bag for items such as pens and a jot it down notepad.
*Setting the alarm on my phone to go off every hour, so I remind myself to stop and take a picture or jot a note. (I started this last year and it works perfectly)
On a side note the day of documentation is my actual birthday and I have absolutely nothing planned except to work. Sounds so mundane! I may have to see about changing that up! If you are interested in playing along, be sure to check out Ali Edwards Site for additional information!
Thanks for stopping by! Rebecca

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