One Little Word April Update

Hello! Thanks for stopping by! I know I’ve been behind on making videos Yikes! I have such a long list of ideas for videos and I hope to start scratching the list off by getting them created! I’ve started a daily bullet list in my mini happy planner and it really has helped me GET THINGS DONE! YAY!! In this video I flip through the last couple of months and talk about how I’m incorporating CHANGE in my life. Some of the things I feel I’m moving forward quite successfully and others well…. not so good. I am okay with that, I’m learning as I go and a BIG step for me is realizing where I need to add change and applying my thoughts into actions. As a people pleaser…eek… that is a BIG step for me. Last month’s ONE LITTLE WORD prompt from Ali Edwards was fun, it was creating a vision board, which I added a page spread to my Traveler’s Notebook. Take a look and see….

 Thanks for watching! See you soon!

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